Youtube Advertising

I am not fully sure if Youtube does their advertising a similar way to most websites where they choose things based on what you look at but the past few weeks I have noticed a theme.

Every single advert I see whilst waiting for a video to load is either to do with a pregnancy test that can tell you before you see a doctor at 2 weeks or something and this ovulation test, and some others like nappies, they are all based towards having children!

I have never ever Googled or searched for anything like this!

I am infertile, I have no reproductive organs, WHY would I want to see this advertising all the time!

I am getting fed up with it! It isn’t as if like with Google where you can click on the cross and say this advertising is inappropriate etc… it just keeps playing the same few adverts over and over!

I am not someone who is that upset by the fact I cannot have children, actually upset at all really, but it just isn’t the nicest reminder to keep having these adverts shoved in my face!

The videos I watch are nothing even to do with any of this! I watch videos of music, planners, random youtubers etc, never anything to do with pregnancy!

I am fed up with Youtube and their adverts!


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