An uncomfortable Ultra Sound

I finished year 11 at school, excited to go to college in a few months, I had my May Ball at the Eden Project, I was just a typical girl living a typical life!

The picture above is my May Ball and that’s one of my close friends at the time Bush Baby, it was a fun night we had photos taken in the Mediterranean Biome.

I went to the May Ball with someone who I had known since primary school called Duncan, it wasn’t really a date as such, we just went in the limo together with a few other friends. The person to my left is someone who I will talk more about later on. I do not really know the guy that is standing next to her, he was a German exchange student.

I had a great summer and got to start my course in Mechanical Engineering that September, I had so many ideas of what I wanted to do, where I wanted to end up, I wanted to work in a F1 pit crew. It was my dream.

I started college and the first thing we didย was make a bottle opener, we had to cut out the shape out of steel, use files to shape it then finally heat it and put it in a bin of plastic chips to give it a plastic covering. We also got to make a screw driver, I went for a superman style screwdriver as I used a tap and die to attach acrylic pieces ready to put on the lathe and shape the handle in to a comfy shape. It was all going well! I was the only girl on the course.

After a few weeks I got a boyfriend, not someone on my course, my mum thought it was the time I should go to the doctor to talk about the pill. I went to the doctor and they asked about periods, to which I replied I had never had one, the doctor looked at me rather concerned and said it could be to do with my weight or something else. As I had gone about the contraceptive pill just before we left the doctor gave me lots of condoms. She had been my doctor for just over a year, she was only a Locum, I was hoping she may become a full time doctor at my surgery. Unfortunately she had left by the time I got my diagnosis full, she had been so supportive and lovely.

They sent me for a blood test a few weeks later, which the results seemed to confuse them. They told me I would need to see a specialist. They told me I would receiveย a referal letter, I received a letter, but I had to go for an ultra sound first the week before I saw the doctor.

When I went in for the ultra sound I was told to drink a litre of water to make sure my bladder was full to see around it, I drank so much water that I really needed the toilet. I went in, the put the jelly on and started to rub it around with the ultra sound machine, as they moved it around I couldn’t really work anything out, they sounded concerned and tried to act normal but it was clear something wasn’t right, they measured each of my kidneys and then seemed as if they were trying to find something else, they didn’t say what they were looking for, they told me to go out and drink more water and come back in 20 minutes, so I sat in the waiting room next to the water cooler sipping cup by cup of water, by this point I was really struggling not to wet myself, I may of been 16 but there is only so much liquid you can hold in your bladder before you have to go to the toilet.

They called me back in to the room, and put more gel on and started to scan me again, they were pressing harder and harder right on my bladder, it was taking all my strength to not wet myself, they still couldn’t find anything, they just said they can’t find anything, they didn’t give me any idea of what they were looking for. They told me I could go to the toilet, I ran, it was such a relief.

I had to clean all the gel off as it was all over my jeans, it had made such a mess.

When I left the hospital all I had going around in my head was the fact they couldn’t find anything it had me so concerned. The next week I had to see the doctor to find out what the scan results showed. It was such a long week waiting for the results……


10 thoughts on “An uncomfortable Ultra Sound

  1. Oh wow it’s so interesting! I love the way you write with such detail. I can’t wait to read the rest.


  2. You are such a special person Imy, I know you have written about this before but this is far more detailed than what I remember before.


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