Hello world!

I am Imogen Callaway, without any rainbows or glitter (I know there is a rainbow above),  I am now 25, I started blogging when I was 20, it feels like so much longer. I made my first video in December 2010, which was about a Filofax, I have no idea what my first blog posts were about as I have deleted a lot of them now.

I wanted to start a fresh, have a new place to post, to write about what I have been through, what I think about and what I do, I felt I needed to cut ties slightly with Imysworld, as even though I still love to use Imysworld for things I feel its time to grow up and move on.

Therefore, here we are, a new blog, a new website. I decided it should be all under my own name, so it feels I am not hiding my identity when I tell stories about different things, so what you read is all honestly about me and I am not hiding who I am or what I have been through.

I hope you all will read and enjoy what I write on here and will understand why I have done this.

For many years I have written a kind of story, I have written about all I have gone through, but not really known what to do with it, that is partly what made me want to create a new blog, somewhere I can start to share that story, every part of it. I want to tell it to you exactly as I remember it, tell you as much detail as I can, give you songs to listen to as you read it so you can know exactly what I was going through. I am excited and also nervous to share this all with you, but I want to write it somewhere, somewhere it might be read, somewhere it might be seen and not just left on my old hard drive collecting dust.

Look out for the first post over the new few days.


4 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Congratulations, Imogen! Er, Imy! I’m going to abandon my old blog and start a new one, too. Love the look of your new blog, and am looking forward to reading your next post.


    1. Thank you Christine, I wanted something simple and really liked this layout as it has just pictures and you need to click to read the posts! Good luck with the new blog 🙂


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